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Hakim Zziwa

Hakim is known to be the co-founder and executive director of Tabu flo dance company, he is also known for having a break-dance back ground as inspired by break dance project Uganda of which he has been a founding member since it’s inception in 2006.
He later represented Uganda in the dance web scholarship in Austria from which he learned a lot about different dance disciplines most of which he was able to share with the youth back in Uganda including house dance foundation that led to the revolution of house dance in Uganda.
He has since then been proud to be part of the traditional meets urban revolution as promoted by Batalo dance festival with which he has been proud to be a committee member and a media/video creative personnel.
He also pursued a film & video career that he used to assist and in handling the media/video department for Batalo east dance festival for 2 years and later on focused on his film career in the U.S but still supports in any way possible.